Arthroscopy Research Association (ARTHRES) was founded on 03. 07. 2023 under the leadership of founding members: Ulunay Kanatlı, Baran Sarıkaya, Muhammet Baybars Ataoğlu, Ahmet Yıldırım, Mustafa Özer, Mehmet Ali Tokgöz and Semih Yaş. Arthroscopy Research Association was established to bring together colleagues and specialists from different disciplines interested in arthroscopic surgery, especially shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle.

The main mission of ARTHRES is to create a network where specialists from orthopedics and other disciplines with a common interest in the local and international arthroscopic field can meet and interact both physically and virtually, and develop cooperation in terms of education and scientific activities. The main goals of our association are to organize courses and training symposiums with domestic and international participation, to obtain works that will contribute to the academic literature with the outputs of multicenter studies, and to obtain industrial designs that facilitate arthroscopic surgery.