Dear colleagues,

Arthroscopic surgery has started to have an important place in the field of orthopedics and traumatology as a surgical procedure that is developing and renewed day by day with the integration of modern technologies into medical applications. Science advancing at a dizzying pace has paved the way for many open surgical methods to evolve towards arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is growing in popularity every day and is preferred by more and more orthopedic specialists. This preference brings along the need for training in arthroscopic surgery, which has a longer learning curve compared to open surgery.

In our country, we have very valuable associations that pioneer the learning, development and dissemination of arthroscopic surgery. We have established the ‘Arthroscopy Research Association’ (ARADER), which we hope will serve and contribute to the Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology community for many years.

The main mission of our association is to create an environment where local and international colleagues with common interests and experts from different disciplines can meet and interact in both physical and virtual environments and develop cooperation in terms of education and scientific activities. In addition to learning arthroscopic surgery; we believe that it is very important to conduct research on arthroscopic surgery and to closely follow the developments in the world literature. Our association aims to organize courses, conduct research and produce scientific articles on national and international platforms by forming specific joint study groups such as hip, knee, ankle and shoulder-elbow. In addition to being a member of our association, our doors are open to all colleagues and healthcare professionals who want to take part in these working groups. We are all aware of the importance of a multidisciplinary approach for the development of science. With this awareness, we have established boards including disciplines such as Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology, Industrial Design Engineering in order to develop our association and provide ideal environments for our members to carry out scientific studies. We invite all our esteemed colleagues and specialists from other disciplines who are dedicated to arthroscopic surgery in our country to work and produce with us under the roof of our association.

We wish that the Arthroscopy Research Society, which we have established with great effort and dedication, will be beneficial to the Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology community.

Best regards,
Head Founder